Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A local New Orleans high school is planning an educational field trip for 30 students to tour Tulane University’s campus. The school rents a 25-passenger party bus for the day to transport students and chaperones between the high school, Tulane, and other historic New Orleans sites. The party bus rental costs $250 per hour. They rent the bus for 8 hours, from 8 AM when it picks up students at the high school until 4 PM when it drops them back off after the campus tour and visits to Jackson Square and the French Quarter. At $250 per hour for 8 hours, the total cost of the party bus rental is $2,000. With a generous 10% tip for the friendly and knowledgeable team who doubles as their New Orleans tour guide, the total cost comes to $2,200 for the day. Split between 30 students, it comes out to $73 per student for transportation and a guided tour of New Orleans highlights like Cafe Du Monde for beignets.

Example #2:

A large technology company is planning an annual sales conference in New Orleans for 250 employees. They want to arrange group transportation for various outings during the 4-day event. For a French Quarter ghost tour, they rent 3 mini-coach buses at $250 per hour each. The 2-hour tour from 6-8pm totals $1,500. On another night, they rent a 56-passenger motorcoach for a city sights tour for 4 hours at $350 per hour, totaling $1,400. Finally, they arrange roundtrip airport transfers for all attendees, needing 5 mini-coach buses at $200 per hour each. With 2 hours for pickup and 2 for dropoff, this totals $4,000. Between the ghost tour, city tour, and airport transportation, the total cost comes to $6,900. With a 5% tip added, the grand total for their New Orleans group transportation needs is $7,245. Having reliable, comfortable buses and coach buses makes for smooth logistics and happy attendees.

Example #3:

The local high school football team from a small town outside New Orleans is having an exceptional season. To reward the players, coach buses organize a weekend trip to New Orleans as a season finale celebration before playoffs start. They rent a 20-passenger party bus for the team to explore the city in style. The party bus rental starts Friday evening when the team buses in from their hometown. It takes them around the French Quarter, stopping at iconic landmarks like Jackson Square and Bourbon Street. On Saturday, they visit the National WWII Museum and take a guided ghost tour at night. Sunday morning they eat beignets at Cafe Du Monde before heading home. The party bus rental costs $250 per hour. From Friday 6pm to Sunday 12pm, that comes out to $5,000. This covers the custom 30-hour itinerary and professional team. It’s a memorable way for the team to bond and enjoy their successful season.

Example #4:

A group of six friends from out of town decide to take a day trip in New Orleans to explore the city. They book a 10 passenger party bus for 8 hours to take them around to famous sites like the French Quarter, Jackson Square, and the Garden District. The custom bus rental costs $250 per hour including gratuity, totaling $2,000 for the day. The bus picks them up from their hotel at 10 AM. Their friendly team doubles as a tour guide, offering fun facts and insider knowledge about the Big Easy between stops. The group spends the morning wandering through art galleries and shopping in the French Quarter before a delicious cajun lunch. In the afternoon they visit St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and snap photos in front of the stately antebellum mansions. As the sun sets they head to Frenchmen Street to bar hop and listen to lively jazz music before the charter bus drops them back at the hotel at 6 PM after a packed day of exploring New Orleans.

Example #5:

Samantha and Mark are getting married in New Orleans next spring. They expect about 100 guests, many flying in from around the country. To transport guests between the hotel, wedding venue, and popular tourist destinations around the Big Easy, the couple rents a luxury 56-passenger motorcoach for the entire 4-day weekend—Friday through Monday. The motorcoach rental costs $350 per hour, with a 10-hour per day minimum. This comes out to $3,500 per day, or $14,000 total for the weekend. The luxury coach includes leather seats, hardwood floors, a premium sound system and lighting, and a full bar stocked with the couple’s favorite spirits. It also has a bathroom and ADA lift for elderly relatives. On the wedding day, the coach takes guests sightseeing around New Orleans. That evening it provides round-trip transportation from the hotel to the wedding venue, then the downtown hotel for the reception after. To thank the exceptional service of the coach team, Samantha and Mark tip an additional $1,400—10% of the total rental cost.

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